The “Super Discharge” of Chapter 13

Not all bankruptcies were created equal.  Many times, people in financial distress want nothing more than a quick and easy solution to their problems, and as such, seek relief in the form of filing for protection under Chapter 7 of … Continued

Dealing with Creditors

Dealing with creditors can be stressful.  Creditors can be aggressive and they will tell you that your failure to pay the debt will cause them to take legal action against you.  So what are your options?  Below are the some … Continued

Credit Access After Bankruptcy

The Community Studies and Education Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia discussed the research on credit availability after bankruptcy in its Research in Brief. The article explores whether it makes a discernible difference in post-bankruptcy access to credit … Continued

Bankruptcy Fraud – Don’t Do It

It should go without saying, but if you are going to file bankruptcy, you must be honest in your filing.  An example of what not to do was recently reported by Robert Anglen, reporter for The Republic/  Apparently, one John … Continued

Bankruptcy Filings Down in Phoenix, Up for Seniors

Bankruptcy filings down in Phoenix. A recent article in The Arizona Republic by Russ Wiles reports bankruptcy filings in the Phoenix metro area, bankruptcy filings were down 10% this year from a year ago.  Statewide filings were down 19%.  In … Continued

Landlords and Bankruptcy Filings

Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant in Bankruptcy? Yes.  A landlord can evict a tenant in bankruptcy if the landlord has obtained a court-ordered judgment for possession before the tenant filed.  If the tenant files for bankruptcy protection before the … Continued

Loans, Inherited Funds & Bankruptcy

How can I protect my loved ones who cosigned loans? Bankruptcy filings can be difficult if your finances are intermingled with those of others, according to Los Angeles Times Business Reporter David Lazarus.  Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection stops all … Continued

Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Should I File for Bankruptcy?  US News columnist Kimberly Palmer offers these helpful suggestions to consider before making the decision: Take a close look at your budget to see if there is a way to resolve your financial issues through … Continued

What Do Bankruptcy Attorneys Do?

Bankruptcy attorneys are lawyers who practice in the area of bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy laws have changed considerably in the past few years, and tighter regulations make it harder to file for bankruptcy protection.  Your bankruptcy attorney’s responsibility is to evaluate … Continued