Loans, Inherited Funds & Bankruptcy

How can I protect my loved ones who cosigned loans? Bankruptcy filings can be difficult if your finances are intermingled with those of others, according to Los Angeles Times Business Reporter David Lazarus.  Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection stops all … Continued

Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Should I File for Bankruptcy?  US News columnist Kimberly Palmer offers these helpful suggestions to consider before making the decision: Take a close look at your budget to see if there is a way to resolve your financial issues through … Continued

What Do Bankruptcy Attorneys Do?

Bankruptcy attorneys are lawyers who practice in the area of bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy laws have changed considerably in the past few years, and tighter regulations make it harder to file for bankruptcy protection.  Your bankruptcy attorney’s responsibility is to evaluate … Continued

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Divorce

If a married couple files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and they decide to divorce, a motion can be filed with the bankruptcy court to deconsolidate (split) the case.  However, that is not required and the parties can agree to … Continued

How Does My Bankruptcy Affect My Pending Divorce?

Bankruptcy Attorney Matthew White offers this information: Bankruptcy will not stop you from getting a divorce, but it does impact the division of marital property.  The Bankruptcy Trustee has the right to investigate asset settlements to be sure the divorce is … Continued

What Happens If I Have A Co-signer On A Debt?

If someone has co-signed a note for you and you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, the debt must be listed as one of your debts.  Your co-signer will be notified and may have to pay the debt. On the … Continued