Mesa AZ | Family Pets After Divorce

Who Retains Custody of Family Pets After Divorce? It’s a sad fact of life that divorce will touch many of us in one way or another during our lives. Although division of property and debts can be made fair for … Continued

Mesa AZ | Wedding Gifts in a Divorce

What Happens to Wedding Gifts in a Divorce? Divorces are a difficult time for married couples to go through, especially when it comes to dividing assets. Wedding gifts can be particularly difficult to divide given the sentiment that went along … Continued

Mesa AZ | Modification of Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time

What Constitutes the Basis for a Modification of Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time Order? Child custody cases can be complicated and riddled with emotion between divorcees. When the situation between parents changes, or when a child’s needs change, sometimes … Continued

Mesa AZ | Spousal Maintenance Modification

Key Factors That Might Qualify for Spousal Maintenance Modification It’s common after a dissolution for spousal maintenance to be paid between divorcees. When circumstances change after the finalization of the dissolution action, it may be necessary to apply for modification … Continued

Mesa AZ | Reverse Legal Separations

How to Reverse Legal Separations in Arizona Legal separations have their advantages over a full divorce. Emotion can be a powerful driver and once a divorce decree has been signed by a judge, your legal status as single cannot be … Continued

Mesa AZ | Equitable Distribution in a Divorce

How Does a Pending Lawsuit Affect Equitable Distribution in a Divorce? Is it yours, mine, or does it belong to the both of us? Equitable distribution in a divorce is already difficult, but pending lawsuits only complicate matters further. How … Continued

Mesa AZ | What is a Stipulation?

What is a Stipulation in a Family Law Proceeding? Family law matters can get very complicated very quickly, but they don’t always have to be dealt with in a court environment. Stipulations within family law proceedings can make the overall … Continued

Mesa AZ | Palimony

Does Arizona Allow Palimony? Palimony is an attractive concept for couples who have just broken up, but is it available in Arizona? What is It? Palimony is a similar concept to alimony or spousal maintenance. Where alimony involves payments between … Continued

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Here are Five Disadvantages to Legal Separation Bringing your marriage to an end is a difficult decision to make. Although it has its benefits, there are disadvantages to legal separation you need to know about. Key Disadvantages of Legal Separation As … Continued

Mesa AZ | Benefits to Legal Separation

Five Benefits to Legal Separation Before moving forward with a divorce, some couples opt to pursue legal separation. Why? Because there are some benefits to legal separation that simply don’t apply in a dissolution. Five Advantages to Legal Separation There are many … Continued