Mesa AZ | My Estate Plan After Divorce

Do I Need to Modify My Estate After My Divorce? Many states require you to make changes to your estate after you divorce. In those instances, legally dissolving your marriage does not automatically amend any documents, so if you want … Continued

Mesa AZ | Do Stepparents Have Custody Rights

Do Stepparents Have Custody Rights? What You Need to Know Stepparents often develop close relationships with their stepchildren. While they may not have adopted the child, they may still act as a parent on a day-to-day basis, and the child … Continued

Mesa AZ | Will It Hurt My Divorce Case

Will It Hurt My Divorce Case If I Move in With Someone? Getting a divorce can take months, and sometimes, though rarely, even years, depending on the complexity of the case. If, during your divorce, you meet someone and the … Continued

Mesa AZ | Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements for an Arizona Divorce If you have decided to file for a divorce, the first step you must take is to determine where you are eligible to file. Many people assume they must file in the city or … Continued

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Seven Tips to Help You Get Through Your Divorce A divorce might be one of the most intense, emotional events in your life. It can be made worse if the parties involved argue, fight over assets, and allow their case … Continued

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Five Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement Couples who are blissfully planning their wedding may not want to think about what would happen if their union ends in divorce. But many marriages do end, and often spouses are left feeling … Continued

Mesa AZ | Grandparents Have Child Custody Rights

Do Grandparents Have Child Custody Rights? Being a grandparent is very rewarding for many people. That’s why it’s understandable that grandparents would want to know what rights they have regarding custody or visitation with respect to their grandchildren. Arizona law … Continued

Mesa AZ | The House in a Divorce

Who Gets The House In A Divorce? One of the most stressful aspects of a divorce is dividing up the property you and your spouse shared during your marriage. While some items might be easy to distribute, you may be … Continued

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Five Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation A divorce can be a long and complicated process, depending on the size or the marital estate and the complications between the two spouses. While some couples know they need the court’s help from … Continued

Mesa AZ | Inheritance In A Divorce

Can I Keep My Inheritance In A Divorce? Arizona is known as a “community property” state, which means marital property is split “equitably,” which generally means equally, between two spouses in the event of a divorce. But the property that … Continued