Mesa AZ | How Does a Judge Decide

How Does a Judge Decide a Divorce Case? How does a judge decide a divorce case? After all, judges are human beings, but it is also their job to be impartial. Judges are charged with reviewing the law applicable to … Continued

Mesa AZ | Third Party Visitation

What is Third Party Visitation in Arizona? There are a variety of visitation rights granted by Arizona family courts. One of those is third party visitation. However, you might wonder what third party visitation is and how it affects your … Continued

Mesa AZ | DIY Divorce

Ten Reasons to Never Do a DIY Divorce A DIY divorce always seems like the right way to go. After all, you can omit attorney fees and not worry about battling it out in court. However, there are ten reasons to never … Continued

Mesa AZ | Pre-Trial Motions in a Divorce Case

Five  Typical Pre-Trial Motions in a Divorce Case Pre-trial motions happen in any litigation, including a divorce. These pre-trial motions are designed to address issues with a temporary solution between when you file the petition for divorce and when your final … Continued

Mesa AZ | Primary Caretaker in a Custody Case

What is the Primary Caretaker in a Custody Case? In Arizona, child custody is called legal decision-making authority. While the name is different, the principles are the same. The courts designate one parent or both parents to have legal authority … Continued

Mesa AZ | What Documents Does a Divorce Attorney Need

What Documents Does a Divorce Attorney Need? Divorce involves a staggering amount of paperwork. You may wonder, “What documents does a divorce attorney need?” While not every piece of paper will be necessary to bring to a first consultation, consider … Continued

Mesa AZ | Steps to an Amicable Divorce

Ten Steps to an Amicable Divorce There is such thing as an amicable divorce. While some might roll their eyes at the idea or think back on the horror stories they have heard from friends and family going through a divorce, … Continued

Mesa AZ | Cohabitation for Divorced Couples

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cohabitation for Divorced Couples Under certain circumstances, a couple may decide to cohabitate even after divorce. To make the situation work, strict lines must be drawn between both parties. Furthermore, an agreement should be established … Continued

Mesa AZ | When Can a Child Decide

When Can a Child Decide to Live with a Noncustodial Parent? Divorced parents or separated parents might wonder, “When can a child decide which parent to reside with?” Arizona is like many other states where there is no magic age listed … Continued

Mesa AZ | An Ex Parte Order

What is an Ex Parte Order? Divorces are often the source of significant tension between couples. Due to that tension, it may be necessary for one spouse to seek an ex parte order in an Arizona family law case. An … Continued