Mesa AZ | An Immigration Consultant

Should I Hire An Immigration Consultant? If you or your family apply for permanent citizenship in the United States, you likely know you are up against a difficult task. Getting a green card can be a long and tedious process, … Continued

Mesa AZ | An EAD or A Green Card

Should I Get An EAD or A Green Card? Deciding to move to the United States to both live and work is just the first step in the immigration process. You also need to review different visas and other options … Continued

Mesa AZ | My H1B Visa

I Didn’t Get My H1B Visa In The Lottery – What Are My Options? Every fiscal year, USCIS receives well over the allotted 85,000 applications for the H1B nonimmigrant visa, usually within the first few days. This year they received … Continued

Mesa AZ | Does The Child Status Protection Act Help Me

How Does The Child Status Protection Act Help Me? Parents who want to help their child become a U.S. citizen are encouraged to fill out and submit paperwork on the child’s behalf as soon as possible. But a “child” is … Continued

Mesa AZ | A Business Plan and an L1 Visa

A Business Plan and an L1 Visa – Do I Need One to Get the Other? Businesses who want to bring experienced immigrant employees to the United States to work often choose the L-1 nonimmigrant visa. This visa is for … Continued

Mesa AZ | Mass Deportations

Could Mass Deportations Have an Effect on the Economy? Not long after he was sworn in, President Trump began the process of securing the United States border and detaining or deporting undocumented nonimmigrants living and working in the country. During … Continued

Mesa AZ | If You’re Charged With a Crime

If You’re Charged With a Crime, Will You Lose Your Green Card? Becoming a permanent resident of the United States comes with many benefits. As a legal resident, you are given the opportunity to live and work in any state, and you can … Continued

Mesa AZ | Sanctuary City

What Is A Sanctuary City A Sanctuary city is a metropolitan area that the local government has self-designated as a place where immigrants who are in the United States without proper authority might be helped. Although sanctuary cities are designated … Continued

Mesa AZ | E2 Visa Denied

Why Was My E2 Visa Denied? Was your E2 Visa denied? Whether you’re submitting your E2 visa application for the first time, or you’re requesting a renewal, getting denied can be irritating and perplexing. USCIS evaluates each application individually; the … Continued

Mesa AZ | NIW vs PERM

NIW vs PERM: Which One Do I Need? The process of filling out documents for visas is incredibly complex and can be difficult to understand. Because there are so many forms that do different things, you may be wondering what … Continued