Mesa AZ | Liability Questions

Question: A friend was driving my car and and backed into someone in a parking lot. My insurance was lapsed at the time. Am I liable? The only information that was taken was from an old insurance card. The police … Continued

Mesa AZ | New Bankruptcy Filings Are On The Rise

As recently reported in the Arizona Republic, new bankruptcy filings are on the rise in Phoenix area.  Filings rose slightly from 1,999 in April to 2,080 in May — a 9-month high.  This was the third increase since February.  Job … Continued

How to Save for Retirement Now

If your loved one has suffered neglect from their nursing home then you need to hire a great nursing home neglect lawyer to help represent them through this hard time. Your elderly parents may have not saved for retirement and … Continued

What Makes a Good Elder Abuse Attorney

People want to make sure that they do their research before hiring a Phoenix elder abuse attorney. They want to make sure that they are hiring an attorney who is passionate about what they do. They do not want to … Continued

The consequence of nursing home abuse

People who suspect that an elderly person that they love is being abused need to contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney. Sometimes it is hard to feel confident that the abuse is taking place. If it is not physical … Continued