There is little in life that is more stressful than being accused of some misdeed by the government. If you are like my typical client, you have never before faced this kind of situation, and you may be filled with doubts, questions, and plenty of anxiety. It is for this reason, among others, that having an experienced advocate on your team is critical. You need advice from a skilled and experienced professional to guide you through the process. You also need someone you can trust to tell you the truth, explain your options, and to fight for the best outcome given the circumstances.

This is what I offer, my knowledge, training, skills, experience, and my passion for defending the rights of my clients, together with my direct counsel and advice. Before you make any decision which may have significant impact on your case, the possible outcomes, and your life, take the time for a brief call to consider your options. Call or use the contact form to request a call or return e-mail.

When the government’s powers are aligned against you, hesitation is not a luxury you can afford. Call today.

If you need an aggressive, responsible lawyer that will fight for your rights, contact Michael Kielsky today at 480.461.5309 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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