Drug offenses are among the most commonly prosecuted crimes in Arizona. From drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia to manufacturing of narcotics or drug trafficking, our state’s penalties can be severe. Even with no criminal history, individuals charged with drug offenses can face harsh consequences including mandatory prison sentences. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, the selection of an experienced, aggressive attorney will be critical to your defense.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, the courts will consider a number of different factors in deciding your sentence.

    • The quantity or amount of a particular drug found in your possession can be the difference between a charge of simple possession verses a more serious charge of possession with intent to sell or transportation for sale. Although all drug possession charges are felony crimes, the penalties vary greatly depending on quantity


    • Classifications are used to group drugs into five different schedules based on their potential for addiction, risk of dependency, and accepted medical use


    • Purpose, whether for personal use or for distribution, is determined primarily based on the amount of drugs found in your possession


  • Your criminal history will be taken into account at charging and during sentencing, including any violent convictions.

While drug offenses are aggressively prosecuted in Arizona, the courts are equally aggressive in protecting the rights of individuals. For example, law enforcement officers are required to conduct “reasonable” searches and seizures and must typically have a search warrant to do so. You also have a right to remain silent, a right to speak to an attorney, and if charged, your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. If your rights have been violated, your attorney will use those circumstances as part of your defense strategy and may be able to have the charges dismissed or substantially reduced.

Don’t let drug related charges destroy your life. Hiring an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney to represent you may mean the difference between a minimum sentence or years in prison. Michael Kielsky is ready to fight for your rights with experienced, aggressive, and confidential representation. He will work with you to review the admissibility of evidence, the circumstances of the investigation and to challenge any police action if it appears to have been unconstitutional. In his more than nine years of practice, he has handled hundreds of criminal law cases and is ready to defend you.

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