During a recent surgical procedure, the surgeon made a mistake.  A second surgery was necessary to correct the mistake.  Do I have a claim against the surgeon?



The answer to whether you have a viable medical malpractice case depends on several factors.  The best way to know if you have a case is to visit with a medical malpractice lawyer. Usually, you can schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer. In order to get the most out of your consultation, you should do a couple things before you see a lawyer.

First, obtain all the medical records from all the medical care providers that treated you.  Make sure you request all the records, not just the dictated doctors’ notes.  Every page from your medical chart is important.

Second, it is helpful to prepare your own timeline of the dates and events you feel are important to your case. This will help you and the lawyer focus your discussion.

Once you have your records and your timeline, schedule an appointment with an Arizona medical malpractice lawyer to have your case reviewed.