While my car was in the shop getting fixed from a previous bump, I was driving a rental car and got hit head on by a guy who ran a red light (police report backs this up).

I declined the coverage through Enterprise, because Progressive told me I was covered through them when they organized the rental.

I also went to the hospital, and now have a bill for $1,700. I keep asking them to send it to the insurance company of the person who hit me, but apparently they are having difficulty getting the company to accept the bills.

 This was not my fault and I am covered by my insurance company.  I shouldn’t have to pay for any costs related to this accident, correct?


The at-fault driver and/or his insurer are responsible for the damage to the rental vehicle.  If you were not at fault, you should not have to pay anything.  Regarding your hospital bill, hospitals will not typically bill third party insurance companies (the other driver’s insurer).  If you have health insurance, you will be better off providing the hospital your Health insurance information.  If you have med-pay coverage on your auto policy, that is another way to get your bill paid.  A third option would be to send it to the at-fault driver’s insurer for payment, although they likely won’t pay it until you agree to sign a release, which you don’t want to do this early in the game.  Sounds like your best course of action would be so consult with a personal injury attorney.