Disclose All Assets When Filing Chapter 7? in Mesa, Arizona?

YES!  Tell your attorney about everything you own, even if there is no debt involved and even if someone else’s name is somehow attached to that property and/or to a loan that is secured by that property.  Most of the problems that arise in a bankruptcy happen because someone has failed to disclose certain debts or property.  Your attorney can usually deal with potential problems if he knows about them ahead of time, but it is much more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to deal with something that he learns from you too late.

Surprises which come to light too late in the process can lead to situations that are impossible to resolve. 

For instance, if you have a big tax refund coming, your attorney can advise you how to best utilize your refund.  Another common problem involves lawsuits or personal injury settlements.  If you file bankruptcy without disclosing the potential settlement or judgment, you can actually lose your right to pursue that claim.  Your attorney can only advise and help you if he knows about it in advance.

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