I went to grab one of my “chewy” granola bars today and like I normally do, I tore open the packaging and bit down on the bar.  The granola bar was so hard that I literally could have broken several teeth – the cost would have been enormous!  I do think I may have possibly done some minor damage to my bottom teeth.  It seems that the company should have better quality control to prevent this from happening.  I’m not sure where to go with this.  What should I do to help prevent it from happening to someone else?


My suggestion is to contact the manufacturer and let them know you were not satisfied with their product. They likely have a guarantee that will allow you to get your money back, if you want. They will probably want the product back so save the bar if you haven’t already thrown it out.  Thankfully, it sounds like there were no injuries so I suggest you deal with it directly with the manufacturer, not in the courtroom.  If it turns out your injuries are more severe than currently believed, it may be worth visiting with an attorney at that point.