As your parents begin to age, you will soon find that you, as their child, are taking on new responsibilities that you never had before. One of the things that you will deal with is the loneliness that your parents will feel as they get older.

Here are three ideas for things that you can do to help them feel lonely:

  1. Regular family meals- If you are looking for ways to stay in touch with your aging parents is to setup regular family meals. Having one day a week set aside for you and your parent to get together can make for a fantastic event.
  2. Take them to events- Another great way to help your parents avoid loneliness is to take them to events with you. If you have children of your own then you should speak with your parents and see if they would like to go to the events with you. Most grandparents will be thrilled to be invited to see their grandchildren play sports or perform in plays. If you are going to take them with you, make sure that you bring all of the necessary things for transportation/comfort like wheelchairs and cushions for seating.
  3. Visit them often- One of the best ways to help your aging parent avoid lonely feelings is to visit them often. If they live in a nursing home or care facility then you should make it a point to go and see them frequently. You have no idea how a simple visit can lift their spirits and help them see how much you love them. When you visit your parents you want to make sure that they are being treated well and that they have everything that they need.

Visiting your aging parents often is also a great way to monitor their health and make sure that they are being treated well. There are far too many assisted living injuries occurring every year, to neglect keeping an eye on things. If you do suspect abuse, contact Udall Shumway today and get the representation you deserve. (480) 409-2473