If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please call Udall Shumway bankruptcy attorney Matthew White at 480-461-5304 to schedule a free initial bankruptcy consultation. Consultations are available either in person or on the telephone. You will need to be prepared to answer general questions regarding your income, debt (who you owe), your expenses (rent, utilities, gas, telephone, etc.) and your assets (house, car, boat, etc.).  You do not need any paperwork with you at the time of the consultation.  If you decide that you are interested in retaining our firm, an engagement letter and bankruptcy packet will be provided to you.  The bankruptcy packet contains information regarding filing bankruptcy and some documents to complete and/or sign, including a detailed list of items that you will need to assemble and provide to Mr. White and/or his legal assistant.  Once all of the information is received and prior to filing, Mr. White will review a draft of your petition with you for accuracy.  Call Matt now at 480-461-5304 for more information.