As the years go on, certain holidays tend to lose their value. One of the holidays that is easily overlooked is Valentine’s Day. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to spice up Valentine’s Day this year, and show the seniors in your life a good time. Here are three ideas of activities you can do to make Valentine’s Day exciting again:

1. Low key dance- One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with seniors is to throw a dance. You don’t have to do anything too enthusiastic, but some light decorations and good old tunes can really make for a fantastic evening. Asking a senior to dance with them can certainly make their day.
2. Play some cards- If you are looking for something fun to do with a group of seniors then you should try playing a game of cards. Cards can be fun for people of all ages, and will probably put a smile on the faces of the seniors you are working with.
3. Watch a classic romance movie- One great activity that you can do with seniors on Valentine’s Day is watch a classic romance movie. You can help bring back some great memories with films that they grew up with. In order to make sure you get a favorite film, take some time to talk with the seniors beforehand and ask them what movies they like most.

Doing something special for a senior citizen can really brighten their day. Outside of regular holidays, you should make it a point to visit your elderly loved ones as frequently as your schedule permits.