As we age our social ability and desire seems to shrink over time. However, one of the largest factors when people are asked about quality of life is the importance to feel, important or loved by another. Quality of life is extremely important to the elderly as well. The elderly often have lost most of their friends or can’t commute to see them. Additionally they are seldom visited by their family or don’t have family left. Improve quality of life for the elderly by simply volunteering.

There are several volunteer groups out there now that organize a ‘buddy’ system where a volunteer is assigned to a person who doesn’t have many human interactions. These groups have shown to improve the overall happiness of the patients and in turn improving their dimensioning quality of life. Volunteering to help out the elderly is more than just getting them groceries or playing bingo. It is about generating the human interaction they long for and need. This small act of kindness goes much further than an hour spent; it often becomes their highlight for the week.

In short, volunteer to help out the elderly when you can. Many of them are looking for a friend to talk to and enjoy a conversation. An hour of your time could mean the world to someone longing for personal interaction.

If you are worried that an elderly person you know or love is struggling from neglect contact us and allow us to help you fight for their rights.