In August 2014, the U.S. Department of Education released “FACT SHEET: Educational Services for Immigrant Students and Those Recently Arrived to the United States.”  This first fact sheet provided “information to help education leaders better understand the responsibilities of States and local educational agencies … in connection with [new immigrant children], and the existing resources available to help educate all immigrant students – including children who recently arrived in the United States.”  This fact sheet includes a list of resources with contact information or links and a summary “Frequently Asked Questions” page.  This Fact Sheet can be found at:

In September 2014, the U.S. Department of Education released “FACT SHEET II:  Additional Questions & Answers Enrolling New Immigrant Students.”  This fact sheet includes:

  • Information about general enrollment issues for new immigrant students;
  • Federal funds available to help educate immigrant students;
  • Data collection for eligibility and allocation;
  • Where school districts can get additional information and technical assistance on enrollment procedures for immigrant students; and,
  • Answers some questions that may arise for enrollment of unaccompanied child immigrants who need to be enrolled in school.

This Fact Sheet can be found at:

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