There are several different allegations that can fall under the umbrella of sex crimes in Arizona, and all warrant the insight of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Just being accused of a sex crime can have a negative impact on your reputation and your future, so don’t hesitate to get legal help as soon as possible.

While there are multiple different offenses that meet the definition of sex crimes, I have listed the most common sex crime offenses in Arizona. Understanding the scope of these allegations is important for evaluating the possible repercussions and developing a comprehensive defense.

Sexual Assault/Rape

Under Arizona laws, this includes situations where an individual knowingly or intentionally engages in oral sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another individual who has not consented to the act. These two charges are some of the most severe crimes you can face in the state of Arizona, because the possible punishments can have ramifications for years to come.


The law in Arizona defines this as any situations where an alleged offender has offered sexual services in exchange for something of value. Even a first offense carries significant weight, with at least 15 days in jail, a fine, and possible probation. Reach out to a Mesa criminal defense attorney as soon as you have been charged with or investigated for prostitution.

Indecent Exposure

Although many people like to joke about the charges of indecent exposure, it’s no laughing matter if you have been accused. Depending on the age of the person who witnessed the exposure, this crime could result in major consequences. This is usually charged as a class one misdemeanor if the person who witnessed the exposure was older than age 15. If the individual who witnessed the incident was under the age of 15, the offense could be classified as a class six felony.  The offense could also be a class 6 felony if the offender has more than two prior convictions for indecent exposure or has been convicted of sexual assault.   Moreover, if you have a prior conviction for public sexual indecency the crime of indecent exposure becomes a class 3 felony punishable by time in prison from 6 to 15 years.

In order to be convicted, the court considers whether a reasonable person would be offended in a similar situation. Your defense is critical to having charges reduced or dropped in an indecent exposure case, so consult with your Mesa criminal defense attorney.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Whether you’re located in Mesa or another city in Arizona, if you were convicted of an attempted sex crime or certain felony sex crimes in any jurisdiction with similar laws, you will need to register as a sex offender. This requires going to the local sheriff’s office in your county and informing the office of your address or name change within 10 days of your conviction or within 10 days of entering the county. Registration also requires payment of an initial $250 fee and annual renewal of his or her driver’s license.

Depending on the alleged violation, consequences may vary. If you have failed to get the driver’s license annually, you could be facing a class six felony. Other circumstances may lead to time in prison. The specifics of your violation are very important if you have been charged with failing to register, so you need to meet with a Mesa criminal defense attorney immediately to determine the best course of action for your defense.


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