Here are three steps to take in an extreme DUI case in Arizona. Finding out that you have been charged with extreme DUI can be disheartening, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success in defending these charges. How you respond to these charges can be extremely important for the outcome of your case.

If you have stumbled across this blog, it’s probably because you just lived through one of the most difficult nights in your life. Your car is probably impounded, following an arrest with a DUI task force or police officer. Thinking about the possible long-term consequences of an extreme DUI conviction in Arizona has probably given you a headache, and you might not know where to turn next. Following these steps can help you work through a difficult time.

Find a Lawyer-The Right Lawyer

With extreme DUI charges, it goes without saying that you need an attorney’s guidance. It shouldn’t be just any attorney, however. You need someone who understands DUI allegations and the best way to structure a defense in response.

The reality is that there can be vast differences between attorneys who claim to represent DUI victims. A Mesa criminal defense attorney who knows the system well will spend some time with you reviewing all the facts of your case and develop a strategy in response. Your attorney may decide that the most appropriate tactic is to avoid going to court at all. Going to court can increase your overall costs and the risk that you could confront the full range of extreme DUI penalties. Choosing the right attorney is essential because it could mean getting your penalties reduced and allowing you to move forward with your life more quickly.

Walk Through Circumstances of the Arrest

In order to plan a defense, you need to walk through the steps that led up to being charged. It should line up with the citation you were handed by the officer. Some of the important things that might affect your case can boil down to small details, like the field sobriety test, your appearance, and other circumstances associated with your arrest.

Attorneys are sticklers for details, and with good reason: some detail that seems unimportant to you could have a significant impact on your defense. Make sure you’re honest, but provide all the details of the situation surrounding your arrest to your Mesa criminal defense attorney.

Be Aware of Immediate Penalties

If you lose your driveling privileges or face other immediate requirements, do not attempt to circumvent them. Find other forms of transportation and try to focus on developing your case with your attorney. The last thing you need in the days leading up to your hearings or your trial is an allegation that you violated a condition of your arrest/release. If you’ve been hit with fines, pay them promptly and keep a copy of the receipt. Your compliance with these requirements and staying organized could help your case. Even in an extreme DUI case in Arizona, judges want to see that you’re on top of your responsibilities and staying involved with what’s expected of you.

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