There have been recent changes to Arizona laws regarding felon gun access

In the past, if an individual was convicted of a non-serious felony, such as those outside the realm of violence, assault, or sex, he or she would have to wait a period of two years after serving a prison or probation time in order to legally obtain access to firearms.

This process could be initiated by a felon who petitioned the courts after his or her sentence was up. Recent changes from Arizona governor Doug Ducey, however, are updating that rule. To learn more about how a felony conviction affects your rights in the future, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Changes in Store

The most important outcome from these changes has to do with the removal of the waiting period for felons. Under Senate Bill 1189, felons no longer have to wait during a two year period, so long as the judgment from their conviction has been set aside. It’s important to note that these changes do not impact every individual who serves a sentence. Only those who have had their conviction “set aside” are eligible, meaning that it’s no longer a recording of guilt on a criminal record.

Other Felony Consequences

Losing access to gun rights for a few years hasn’t been the only issue for convicted felons, either. There are several other ways that having a felony conviction on your record can impact your future. Some of the most common implications for a felony conviction include:

Civil penalties like losing the right to vote, getting commercial driver’s licenses, joining the armed forces, or serving on a jury

Access denied to public housing, depending on the type of conviction and the area in which the individual lives

Revoked eligibility for federal grants and loans, which can last for one year to life depending on the number of offenses on a criminal’s record

Family decisions regarding child custody, which can cause a convicted individual to have reduced visitation or no visitation with children for a period of time

Barred access to state employment or licenses for particular industries

Issues obtaining employment

Handling a Felony Charge

If you’ve been accused of a felony in the state of Arizona, you need to understand the possible ramifications of a conviction in order to find the criminal defense lawyer you need. Heading into court, you need someone who is willing to advocate for you aggressively and fight for your rights.

The outcome of a felony case could change your world forever. Although these recent changes to the law give some felons more freedom with regard to gun access, there are still many consequences for a serious conviction. You need to take your case seriously and hire someone who will defend you in court. A felony change can follow you around for many years after your sentence if you’re not careful about your approach to defense, so you need to hire legal assistance from a Mesa criminal defense lawyer sooner rather than later. Having someone on your side explore your options can be extremely beneficial when you’re facing felony charges.

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