What You Need to Know About Sex Crimes in Arizona

There are several different kinds of sex crimes in Arizona, some of which do not involve sexual intercourse at all. Although there’s a generalized thought that intercourse is linked to all sex crimes, it’s wise to be knowledgeable about the depth of various charges and how they can impact your future. All sex crimes, regardless of whether or not intercourse was involved, are taken seriously when it comes to investigation, prosecution, and penalties. As a result, you need to know how to proceed appropriately with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Other Charges Involving Sex

One of the most common charges not linked to intercourse itself is exposure, referring to the exposure of female breasts, the genitals, or the anus. In order for this to be considered a criminal act, the accused individual must be considered to have engaged in reckless behavior that resulted in exposure. One of the most critical factors in these cases is whether a reasonable person would have been offended by the action.

Another sex crime charge is known as public sexual indecency. This refers to touching another person in a sexual manner in a public place. Just like the above-mentioned charge, the reasonable person standard is applied to determine whether or not the action fits the bill of a crime.

Finally, the third common charge falling under the umbrella of sex crimes without sexual intercourse is child molestation. This involves situations where a person knowingly engages in or causes a person to engage in sexual contact with a child under the age of 15.

The Impact of a Sex Crime Conviction

Even though there may be a public perception that these charges are not as serious or severe as other sex crimes, such as rape, you should not accept this misconception. Having any sex crime on your record can prove problematic for employment, housing, or other aspects of your life.  Any sex offense could result in the individual being placed on life-time probation and could require registration as a sex offender as well.

Being charged with a sex crime is a serious issue regardless of the nature of the offense, and you should react accordingly. Do not downplay the potential implications of a sex crime conviction, even if you believe that the charge is minor or that it has been trumped up. Without the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you might feel like you’re in over your head with any kind of Arizona sex crime allegation. It’s strongly recommended that you get legal help as soon as possible.

What If I’m Innocent?

Unfortunately, good people are occasionally accused of sex crimes that they never committed. The situation could be blown out of proportion or entirely made up, but you need to act as though any allegations are serious and worthy of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Especially if you are innocent of the charges, you need legal advice sooner rather than later to determine the best strategy for your defense. Your attorney may need to gather evidence and speak to witnesses, so you want to allow time for him or her to engage in this critical process. Get help sooner rather than later to protect your rights.

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