New changes are in effect for Arizona speeding laws and motorcycle dispositions. The beginning of July brought changes for speeding laws in Arizona. As part of more than 324 measures approved by lawmakers in the recent legislative session, it could be easy to miss how these changes impact your life. Some of these legislative changes are not related to crime, such as naming copper to be the official Arizona state metal or establishing a license plate program to provide proceeds to children of military service members, but the penalties for speeding tickets have also changed. If you have already been hit with a speeding ticket that could seriously affect your driving record and your insurance rates, you need the insight of a criminal defense lawyer who can help you fight the charges or have them reduced.

Basics of the Changes for Speeding Tickets

In the past, it was relatively easy for individuals in Arizona to write their speeding tickets off their records through attendance at defensive driving classes. In many cases, these defensive driving courses were just as expensive as paying for the ticket. The benefit of attending these classes was that the actual speeding ticket would not be reported to insurance companies, meaning that affected individuals would not be looking at immediately higher rates.

With the new law in action, motorist will only be able to erase one ticket every 12 months. This is a change, because in the past Arizona drivers were only able to wipe out a ticket once every 24 months. The lawmakers who supported this change agree that the defensive driving courses, which are offered both online and in person, help to create better drivers on Arizona’s roads. Some individuals also elect to work directly with a criminal defense attorney to fight the speeding charges altogether.

Altered Dispositions for Motorcycling

In addition to the changes related to defensive driving courses, lawmakers also eliminated an old and frequently unenforced legal provision that required motorcycles to come equipped with handrails for passengers. The same law also finally legalizes a motorcycle feature known as ape hangers, referring to handle bars that are higher than the shoulders of the motorcycle operator.

Motorcyclists should also be aware of an additional change in the law that permits cyclists to carry a passenger if, and only if, the bike is built to carry an additional person. Being aware of these changes and acting accordingly can help prevent tickets and criminal allegations.

If you’re Currently Facing Criminal Traffic Charges

It is a myth that you do not need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in a speeding ticket case or other minor traffic matters. In addition to criminal penalties, the ramifications of a conviction on the seemingly minor charges could lead to higher insurance rates for a lost license, depending on the severity of the offense. If you have already been charged with some kind of crime related to a traffic violation, you should always speak with the Mesa criminal defense attorney first to determine your best course of action.

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