What are the basics of gun carry laws in Arizona? The Arizona laws related to carrying a gun tend to be more lenient than most other states. Despite this, you might still find yourself facing criminal charges if you are not clear about the specifics of these laws.

The majority of most law-abiding adult residents in Arizona are allowed to carry firearms, whether these are concealed or carried openly. Under the Arizona State Constitution, individual citizens retain the right to bear arms in defense of himself in the state. Note a special permit is required for either one of these. It can also be a wise decision to obtain a gun permit in the event you wish to carry the weapon into another state.

Even though Arizona’s gun laws are relatively flexible compared to other states, they do not provide for every person to always carry a gun or for legally carrying a gun to any location. There are several different situations where it is illegal to carry a gun.

When or Where Is It Illegal?

You cannot carry a firearm at a number of different locations. If you violate the state laws, you could find yourself facing criminal charges. In the event that you have already been charged, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can counsel you about possible next steps and how your case is likely to unfold.

Firearms are not permitted at:

  • Polling places on election days
  • School grounds (unless attending a hunting or firearms class)
  • Military bases
  • Indian reservation
  • Commercial nuclear and hydroelectric generating station
  • Correctional facilities
  • Airport security checkpoints
  • Game preserves
  • Any other locations where local, state, or federal laws prohibit carrying of a firearm

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony offense has lost their right to possess, purchase, own or even use or control a firearm.  If you have been convicted you are a prohibited possessor regardless of the location.  It is illegal for there to be a firearm in you residence even if you do not own it.

In the event that you have an Arizona concealed weapons permit, you may be eligible to carry your weapon onto these locations unless there is a clear sign prohibiting firearms or other weapons on the property. There are also typically exceptions to the gun carrying laws for law enforcement officers.

Before traveling to a new location with your weapon, make sure you are clear about the rules regarding carrying a firearm at the specific location. This can help to prevent any confusion or criminal charges on your part. Staying informed and educated is the best way to prevent serious problems with the law when it comes to carrying a weapon.

What If I’m Charged?

Depending on the specifics of the charge, violating a gun carry law in Arizona could range from a misdemeanor to a serious felony offense. Many individuals who carry a weapon on a regular basis are on the up and up when it comes to gun carry laws, but there are some situations where you should request to consult with your Mesa criminal defense lawyer. Unfortunately, these situations where someone is accused of violating the law can escalate very quickly.

If a police officer has accused you of committing a crime with regard to carrying your gun, stay calm and request to speak to your experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Doing your part to keep the situation from escalating any further can be extremely beneficial for your case.

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