Here is what to do if you are charged with voyeurism. In the state of Arizona, voyeurism refers to viewing another individual without his or her consent for your own sexual gratification. One of the most important elements of a voyeurism charge has to do with whether a person’s privacy has been invaded. The prosecution will need to demonstrate that the alleged victim had a reasonable expectation of privacy in order for you to be successfully convicted of voyeurism. To get more details about fighting a voyeurism charge, you should schedule a meeting with an experienced criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later.

Expectations of Privacy

An individual’s privacy could be invaded if both of the following factors apply: the person must have a reasonable expectation that he or she will not be recorded or photographed, and the individual is photographed or videotaped with or without a device in a state of partial or complete undress, while engaged in sexual intercourse, or during the act of urination or defecation if private parts are exposed.

Charges of Voyeurism

There are some exceptions to the rule stated above. Recording of individuals in this act includes exemptions for security purposes, law enforcement pursuant to a lawful investigation, child monitoring devices, or correctional facilities.

It is imperative to get legal advice if you have been accused of voyeurism. Unfortunately, many individuals facing criminal charges related to voyeurism might find that a conviction haunts them with the rest of their life. In addition to the direct criminal penalties, it can be embarrassing and frustrating to have a conviction for voyeurism on your criminal record.

In many cases, discharges classified as a class 4 or class 5 felony. The prison sentences can range from less than 2 ½ years all the way up to eight or more years.  To discuss the possible prison sentences linked with your case, you should set up a meeting with a Mesa criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense lawyer who has knowledge about these cases can help you explore all avenues for your defense and prepare you for what to expect in court.

One of the most challenging aspects of being convicted of voyeurism is having a permanent criminal record and being required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of your life. This can cast a shadow over your future and make it difficult for you to move on with your life successfully. It is important to understand the possible outcomes of a conviction as early as possible so that you can gather any evidence an additional information link to your defense.

Defending a Voyeurism Charge

Some of the most common methods for defending a voyeurism charge involve learning more about the procedures used by the police to arrest you or collect evidence. Violations of your rights can eliminate certain evidence from being admitted in court or call into question the procedures used to conduct an investigation or arrest you. Your Mesa criminal defense attorney can provide more information about the possible methods for defense in your voyeurism case.

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