What exactly are the DUI Do’s and Don’ts In Arizona? How you handle being pulled over for a DUI can have a significant impact on any case that follows. Read on to learn more about DUI do’s and don’ts in Arizona after a police officer has pulled you over for suspected DUI.

Do’s for Arizona DUI Situations

If you are being accused of breaking the law, you need to ask to speak with your criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. In the immediate timeframe, however, comply with the officer’s request to see your registration, proof of insurance, and driver’s license. Refusing to show this information or not having it at all can escalate the situation very quickly.

Make sure you behave in a polite manner with the officer. Even if he or she is trying to provoke you into getting upset, maintain your calmness. Bear in mind that if you refuse a blood alcohol test, you could be facing immediate issues related to your driving eligibility. You do have the right to refuse, but implied consent laws in Arizona hold such that you will lose driving privileges. You may request to have an independent blood test completed at a hospital in addition to the test provided to you.  You should definitely request to speak with a lawyer prior to submitting to any alcohol test.  You cannot delay the test indefinitely but you are entitled to some time to attempt to contact an attorney to seek advice.

Don’ts for an Arizona DUI Situation

One of the most important things you need to remember in this situation is that you should not admit anything. A police officer may try to convince you that speaking up and being honest will help your case. If you admit that you knew you were drinking and driving or that you are guilty, you could have just made your case a lot easier for the prosecution. You may wish to exercise your right to remain silent.  You can speak with the officer and comply with his requests to show identification or give your name etc…  However, you probably should not make statement about the events of the evening such as how much you had to drink, whether or not you are impaired, etc…

It should go without saying, but don’t insult the police officer or his/her methods. Even if you believe that your arrest is illegal or unfair, you don’t want to situation to become even more serious by causing further problems. Request that you be allowed to speak to your attorney as soon as possible and get advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Finally, do not resist the officer’s requests in a physical manner. If your actions are interpreted as assault against a police officer, you could face additional charges and penalties. Try to remain calm in the situation and hold firm on your rights without getting into a physical altercation.

Do not speak to any of the circumstances in your case without consulting first with your a criminal defense attorney. It might seem like the right thing to do or you may feel overwhelmed by the entire process and speak up without realizing the consequences, but it is imperative that you consult your lawyer first. As soon as the police attempt to start learning more information from you, exercise your right to an attorney respectfully. Stand strong in your request to this right and stay quiet until you are able to have that conversation.

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