Getting a divorce in Arizona can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical health, but there are ways to minimize this impact on your body. Being aware of the challenges you might face can help you plan ahead so that your health is maintained. Read on to discover some the best ways to combat challenges associated with divorce.

Plan Exercise

Whether it’s attending a regular class or having a workout buddy, exercise is one of the top tips for managing stress and grief associated with the end of a marriage. Using your physical energy early on in the day might help you avoid feeling stress later on. Try to make your exercise like an appointment and put it in your calendar so you’re more likely to stick with it. Even just thirty minutes of exercise every day can help you avoid some the negative impacts typically associated with a divorce.

Reinforce Nutrition

It’s very easy to slip into bad habits when so much else feels out of your control. Plan your meals ahead of time and keep healthy snacks within easy reach. Many people report either overeating or losing weight during a divorce. With a fresh start on the horizon, it’s a great time to overhaul your eating habits if they have been out of control. Just like you’re relying on your support system for mental support, this could be an opportunity to revise your eating behavior and schedule a meeting with a nutrition specialist.

Stick With a Schedule

In a time of upheaval, it’s in your best interests to stick with a regular schedule. This ties in well with your exercise and eating habits, too, since they can become a part of your everyday plan. A schedule can help you reduce the negative effects of working through the end of a marriage.

Rely on Solid Support

Find your support network early on and count on it. It could be friends, your faith community, or even the ear of a trusted therapist. It’s hard to always remember to take time for yourself.

Try meditation or exercise to help catch you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Minimize Other Stress

A divorce is difficult enough, so you need to do everything in your power to minimize other the impact of other stressors. This is not always easy, particularly if you and your spouse were dependent on one another financially. Recognize where you’re likely to struggle and implement plans to avoid it where possible.  This may include speaking with a financial planner, a tax professional, a counselor, or other coach.

One way to minimize stress is to be knowledgeable about the divorce process. Without being clear about what you might face, you could develop anxiety about a misunderstanding of how the court process evolves. Set up a meeting early on with your Arizona family lawyer so you know what to expect at each stage of the process. Preparing emotionally and clearing up misconceptions can do wonders for minimizing anxiety.


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