According to research, up to half of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States are caused by a car accident. While a traumatic brain injury can happen with any situation where a force fractures or penetrates the skull, this is particularly common in a car accident when you are thrown around the vehicle or when you strike your head on something inside the vehicle. Bear in mind that a traumatic brain injury does not always mean that you will notice open wounds. Trauma to the brain can happen such that your skull doesn’t necessarily have to be fractured or penetrated. Read on to find out more about car accidents and traumatic brain injuries.

The simple force of a car accident happening can cause a traumatic brain injury to happen. This is because your head may come to a sudden stop, and your brain may slam into your skull during the process of an accident. Another term to keep in mind as it relates to traumatic brain injury in car accidents is blunt trauma. This refers to serious head injuries that happen when the head hits a stationary material like the windshield. The head will show an open wound that can be sustained from many different sources, like being ejected from the car or the roof caving in on top of the passengers inside. Any kind of traumatic brain injury warrants the insight of an experienced medical professional.

A great deal of research is still being conducted about traumatic brain injuries, and not everything is known about the severity or potential long-term implications of these kinds of accidents. This is why it is imperative that you get medical advice as soon as possible after an accident.

Your life can be significantly changed as a result of a traumatic brain injury in an Arizona car accident, and you need to take all possible steps to protect yourself and set yourself on the right path for healing. If someone else caused the car accident in which you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you could have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in Arizona. If successful, this claim will provide you with compensation to help you put your life back together and focus on the necessary treatments to recover as much as possible from this serious incident. If you suspect that you have been a victim of a traumatic brain injury as a result of another driver’s negligence, do not hesitate to get help.


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