When you need to find an  Arizona immigration attorney (or any other attorney for that matter), how you choose to handle your case  greatly influences the lawyer that you select.  As such, here are a few suggestions that can help you narrow down your search for an attorney that can help you in your time of need.


Make sure you choose an attorney or law firm that has experience in handling your particular type of immigration issue. Without doubt,  there are plenty of new attorneys and firms out there in the immigration realm, but choosing someone who has already handled a case like yours can give you confidence and peace of mind that only experience can bring. With this in mind, your initial conversation with any attorney should be an opportunity not only for the attorney to evaluate your case, but for you to evaluate the attorney.  Don’t let this chance pass you by.  Be sure to ask about the attorney’s past experience in working with immigration issues and with cases such as yours.


Communication is key in any relationship.  Dealing with your attorney is no different.  You must  be clear from the outset on how your immigration attorney in Arizona will communicate with you about your case. This sets the tone for your working relationship, and is valuable information to know from the beginning. In your initial consultation, determine how the attorney likes to be contacted and how you can expect to be informed about issues relating to your case.


When it comes to costs, immigration law is different than most other areas of the law.  Depending on the task to be accomplished, your attorney may charge a fixed or “flat” rate.  For other tasks, fees may be based on hourly work.  Many experienced immigration attorneys charge an initial consultation fee, whereas, other attorneys do not.  As such, your immigration attorney in Arizona must be able to explain to you how your case will be billed, and how payment terms work from the outset. Do not allow the stress and pressure of needing to address your immigration issues drive your selection of an Arizona immigration attorney without regard to costs. Instead, you need to be clear at the outset of your working relationship with your attorney about the fees you may be responsible for, and how they will be paid. Take notes so you don’t forget what you are told, and make your attorney provide you the fee structure in writing before you agree to hire him or her to represent you.


Immigration is a very personal matter.  As such, you should seek an Arizona immigration attorney that is invested and committed to resolving your issues with you. Not only should you feel confident that the attorney is competent to handle your case and has availability in his or her caseload to do so, but that you will also be treated with respect  and the highest level of service possible.


It is always better to seek legal help sooner, as opposed to later.  The moment you think you need help, seek out the assistance of an experienced Arizona immigration attorney.  He or she may be able to provide you with guidance to help prevent or minimize any problem that you may face.  So many times small issues become large emergencies when not dealt with timely – don’t let that happen to you.  Save time, money and stress by contacting an Arizona immigration attorney as soon as possible.

These tips are excellent for narrowing down the search for an Arizona immigration attorney when you need legal help sooner rather than later.

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