It can feel overwhelming to attend your first meeting with an Arizona estate planning attorney if you have not already done some thinking beforehand about key questions and issues related to your estate. Read on to learn more about some of the questions you should consider before you attend this first meeting.

Why Are You Going?

For many people, the purpose of meeting with an estate planning attorney is to draw up a will and establish various powers of attorney. But estate planning is much broader than simply putting documents in place.  Clients who can clearly identify their goals for managing and transferring their estate are much more likely to benefit from the estate planning process.  The heart of your estate plan is what you want to have happen.  A knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help you meet your goals.

If I Will Not Be Leaving Assets to My Family; Where Will They Go Instead?

Many people who do not have family or family to whom they wish to transfer assets may instead often think of giving to charity. A knowledgeable Arizona estate planning attorney can help you identify tools to fulfill your charitable intent.

What Materials Do I Need?

Understanding the legal aspects of your assets is critical to estate planning.  Therefore, it will always be important to share with your attorney the assets you hold and their values.  Making a list of those assets and bringing appropriate documentation of their ownership will speed up the estate planning process.

How Can I Set Up My Planning to Avoid Conflict?           

A primary reason most individuals create an estate plan is to minimize the chances for conflict. This could include conflict between siblings, conflicts over family business succession issues, or conflicts between relatives who may argue about the validity of the will. A knowledgeable and experience Arizona estate planning lawyer will help you plan to avoid or minimize potential conflicts.


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