A radiologist, much like any individual who is licensed to work in the field as a physician, can be held responsible in a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is important to understand the various legal factors that can influence whether or not this individual should be named in your potential lawsuit. The role of a radiologist is to cooperate with other physicians as well as to interpret and read the results of medical imaging devices such as x-rays and MRIs.

Mistakes Made by Radiologists

If a mistake is made in diagnosing a patient after the radiologist has interpreted and sent the results to the treating physician, the treating physician may be responsible as well. The two doctors may share a liability or each doctor may be considered as a separate liability. For example, it could be the radiologist who is responsible for misinterpreting the results, or it could be the physician’s. You need an attorney to help you determine which one applies to your case.

There are some situations when the injuries you have sustained may put you in the place to file a lawsuit against the radiologist. There are two primary causes of radiology malpractice: communication failures and misreading an image. Radiologists are responsible for communicating with other physicians as well as with patients, so they may have liability when mistakes are made regarding your health.

High Volumes of Reports Mean Potential Mistakes

Dozens of reports are issued by a typical radiologist every day. The message that a radiologist is attempting to convey to someone else may not make it word for word to the patient or the physician. These breakdowns can lead to malpractice. This can happen when the radiologist puts together a preliminary report with typical findings and a full report indicating a potential abnormality: The treating physician might never see the full report and therefore not act on it.

Misread Images

As it relates to misreading an image, a radiologist might make a mistake in isolating a medical problem in your scans. In this situation, if it is found out later that you had serious medical issues that should have been caught by the radiologist, you may be able to hold this person responsible for it by filing for medical malpractice claims. Of course, you should always work directly with an Arizona malpractice attorney to understand all of the requirements in filing a case like this and what it could mean for your future.


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