If you are concerned about receiving compensation for your injuries after a personal injury lawsuit, you may be interested to learn about the two different ways that pain and suffering can be calculated. Your Arizona personal injury attorney can also provide you with more information about what you can expect if you intend to file a case to fight for compensation.

Types of Damages

From any type of accident case such as a slip and fall to a car accident, there are two essential categories of damages available to the injured party. These refer to non-economic or general damages as well as special or economic damages. Your special damages are much easier to calculate because they are connected directly to your accident and the injury itself. This includes your lost income, your medical bills, property damage, and other losses you incurred out of pocket.

General damages, however, include things like pain and suffering. This refers to your physical pain or the discomfort you experienced as a result of your injuries after the accident. General damages can also include your anxiety, stress, or emotional distress associated with the incident that you have recently lived through. The compensation given to a winning plaintiff in an Arizona personal injury case is based on both these types of damages.

Determining a Value for Your Case

It is never easy to put a specific dollar amount on your general damages. There are several different approaches, however, that an insurance company usually takes in order to calculate pain and suffering in an injury settlement.

They will usually use a multiplier in conjunction with your medical expenses as well as a per diem method. This includes the days of pain that you have suffered and the daily rate. Once this is calculated with the multiplier you can see how the damage number is arrived at. Of course, this will vary on the specifics of your case and the severity of your injuries, but consulting with your Arizona personal injury attorney could help give you a reasonable expectation of what will be asked for in court.

Remember that results are not guaranteed, but hiring an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney is one of the most important things you can do for your own future if you have been injured in a serious accident. Do not hesitate to get a legal opinion to learn more about your case.


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