There are few things more traumatic than being injured seriously in a car accident, but it can become even more frustrating when you realize that the at-fault driver or their insurance company is trying to blame you for the accident.

The Shock of Being Blamed for Someone Else’s Negligence

This can come across as a complete shock to you because you may have been expecting that the other person would have stepped up and taken responsibility for the accident. You need to consult with a knowledgeable Arizona personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Multiple Parties Common in Complex Car Accidents

Frequently, cases involving car accidents involve navigating not just with the other party, but both insurance companies, yours and the other driver’s. Insurance companies are most interested in their bottom-line and therefore may undervalue your claim or the other insurance company may push back and try to blame you for the accident. No matter which one applies to you, this experience can be devastating and extremely frustrating especially when you believe the facts of the case are relatively clear and point to the other driver as the responsible party. Showing this in court could involve a lot of research and work, but the end result may be very important for your future.

How to Handle an Accusation That You’re at Fault

One of the most important things you can do in this situation is to hire an Arizona personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable in these kinds of complex cases. Your attorney may serve several very important roles for you including the collection of evidence, interviewing potential expert witnesses, recreating the scene of the accident, communicating with the other party’s attorney, and also going to bat for you with the insurance company.

Having someone who is on your side during this challenging process can be extremely beneficial. While it’s never easy to go through the process of being hurt in a car accident and filing all the necessary paperwork and claims afterwards, having an Arizona car accident lawyer who can help you navigate this complicated system goes a long way towards giving you more confidence about the future. In the wake of a car accident, you have enough to worry about. Make sure you’ve hired a lawyer who will help you from start to finish, particularly if someone else is alleging you’re responsible for the accident.


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