If you are a citizen of the United States and you are engaged to be married to someone who is not a US citizen, you should consider obtaining a fiancé visa for him or her if you intend to get married in the United States.

Kinds of Visas Applicable for Fiancées/Fiancés

You will discover two primary types of fiancé visas; a K-1 fiancé non-immigrant visa allows the visa applicant to enter the borders of the United States in order to marry a citizen already here. A K-2 visa is for unmarried children younger than 21 who are linked to a K-1 applicant. This is imperative for filing purposes as the children’s names need to be included on the visa petition for the K-1 applicant.

Steps in Receiving a Visa for Your Intended Spouse

There are multiple steps involved in this position and you need to initiate the application process sooner rather than later. After the non-citizen has arrived in the United States, it’s important that the marriage take place in the first 90 days after arrival. If the marriage does not happen within this period or if the fiancé marries another person instead, the individual brought to United States will be required to leave. After the individuals do get married in the United States within the 90-day period, the fiancée can become a U.S. immigrant. Until the marriage takes place, however, the fiancé is classified as a non-immigrant.

This is why it is a good idea to get married as soon as possible after entering the United States borders. It can be extremely helpful to have an Arizona immigration attorney helping you during this process because there are many different steps involved in having the fiancé visa approved. Both parties may need to be interviewed, for example, and this can be an overwhelming experience for someone who does not already live in the United States and is not familiar with the bureaucracy of the US.

Having an immigration attorney help you navigate this process decreases the chances that you will have mistakes or that you will face other challenges and delays that could be problematic down the road. It is very important that you follow all of the procedures accurately and understand your responsibilities at each stage so that mistakes are not made. Consult with an Arizona immigration attorney sooner rather than later to identify this and find out the right steps to get the visa.

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