Before going to court for a personal injury case in Arizona, it is a good idea to send the other involved party a clear letter demanding payment for your injuries. While it might be too good to be true to expect that a simple letter like this could lead to the other side paying what you’re asking for, they could initiate a successful resolution in your potential dispute. In fact, some people believe that a demand letter could prompt success in as many as one-third of these cases.

When Does a Demand Letter Make a Difference?

Many individuals who know they owe you money expect that you won’t come after them. Things might change if you send them this demand letter. In the letter you’ll need to lay out why the other party owes you money and explain that if you are not able to successfully close out this matter through the letter, you will need to file a claim in court.

What to Include in a Demand Letter

In your demand letter make sure that you review the history of the dispute. Even though you might assume that your opposing party knows the story, you also want to have this letter clearly written so that, if it’s eventually presented to a judge, you can demonstrate the facts as well.

You do want to be polite in this particular situation, even though you are asking for money. Think carefully about how much time your defense might take and the risks you could face if you lost the claim. This is something you want to prompt the other person to consider while reading your letter as well.

Most importantly, make sure you also ask for a specific resolution. A demand letter should have a clear conclusion that explains what you’re looking for and what you intend to do if you’re not able to receive it through this particular request. Threatening the alternative of going to court could prompt the other party to consider other resolutions.

A Demand Letter Can Be the First Step

Even if the other party doesn’t want to meet all the demands outlined in your letter, he or she might be willing to go to court or settlement negotiations with you. You want to have your case clearly outlined in a demand letter just in case it can help you. Contact an Arizona personal injury lawyer to learn more about how a demand letter can help you.


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