When a dispute emerges between you and someone else with whom you have signed a contract, you have multiple options for how to resolve it. One or both parties may raise a concern about a contract dispute and it is important that you understand the rights and responsibilities that you have in this situation. Here are three ways to handle a contract dispute.

What to Do When a Dispute Emerges

The party wanting to see the contract come to completion could wish to have the contract enforced on the terms inside. The contract could also be cancelled entirely. The final option for handling a contract dispute is to have the party who alleges the breach fight for financial harm caused by this alleged breach.

Do We Have to Go to Court?

It is important to understand that formal lawsuits and going to court is not the only option for businesses engaged in a contract dispute. You could also make use of a mediator to evaluate your case and determine where one or both parties have room to cooperate. In some situations, the circumstances of enforcing the contract may be an unreasonable solution if the parties are no longer willing to work together or to trust one another.

Does It Make Sense to Argue for Performance?

That being said, it can be financially beneficial to encourage some parties to hold up their ends of the contract in particular situations. This is true if you do not want to go back to the drawing board and identify another contractor and initiate another situation of working with someone else to complete the project. You should always have the facts of your case evaluated carefully by an experienced Arizona commercial litigation attorney to determine which of these options is the most appropriate for your breach of contract case.

You need to analyze your own situation carefully to determine what makes sense when a conflict happens. Sometimes, you are able to resolve things relatively effectively and move on from the issue. In other situations, you may need to fight for damages and cancel the contract. Your Arizona business litigation attorney can tell you more about the facts involved in each and what is best suited to your individual needs. Do not hesitate to get advice sooner rather than later as it could be critical to resolving this dispute successfully.

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