Here are some details you should know about marriage based green cards.  One of the most important aspects of obtaining a green card through marriage has to do with the questions asked by the immigration interviewer when the beneficiary attends his or her interview. The interviewer’s responsibility is to determine the validity of themarriage. It is very easy to be nervous at a meeting like this, but it is imperative that to maintain composure and go into the meeting knowing what to expect. Appearing nervous or as though you are lying can be very problematic for your green card, thus being prepared can help.

When the marriage is between a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen and a foreign national, who is not yet in the U.S., knowing what to expect and preparing for the interview could be even more crucial. The majority of applicants for a green card will go through what is known as consular processing, meaning that the interview happens at an embassy or consulate in the home country of thepotential immigrant. The U.S.-based spouse is not required to attend, but it is strongly recommended that he or she does.

What to Bring to the Interview

To establish that you and your spouse have established a life with one another, you should bring photos of your family events, wedding, or shared vacations; children’s birth certificates; details of letters and communications between the two of you; shared credit card statements/insurance policies; or sworn statements from individuals who can support that you are a married couple. Individuals responsible for interviewing you can ask questions about who pays the bills and where you met, as well as request intimate details about your life together.

Even if the marriage is legitimate and you are confident that you know the other person, going through the interview process for a marriage-based green card can still cause stress or anxiety. Consulting with an Arizona immigration attorney before the interview can help to give you a perspective on what will happen during the interview and what you should be prepared to do and say. Knowing the other individual is a significant first step towards succeeding in a marriage-based green card interview, but an Arizona immigration attorney can help advise you on how to be prepared so that you stay calm for the duration of the interview, too.

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