What Is Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona? The Family Court in Arizona will consider numerous factors in order to determine the most appropriate parenting time situation for your children during a divorce. In some situations, it may be necessary that the court will order a mental health professional or a social service agency to become involved with the process of following parenting time orders. This is true in situations where the court believes that there parenting time with a parent poses possible risks associated with a child’s emotional or physical well-being.

Supervised parenting time may only be a temporary matter, but how you respond when supervision is raised as a possibility can make it easier or harder for you to change this down the line. That’s why it’s important to comply with all the rules and be as professional as possible.

What Happens if the Judge Orders Supervised Parenting Time?

Sometimes, only the exchange of a child might be supervised by a third party, for example, to minimize conflict between the parents. There are also other situations in which supervised parenting time may be recommended. If one or both parents, for example, appear to have a history of violence towards the children (or each other), neglect, or other issues, then the court may require that supervised parenting time be used.

This means that you would only be able to interact with your children in the presence of a neutral third party and at a location and time of that organization’s availability. This can obviously significantly restrict your parenting privileges and make it difficult for you to interact with your children in the place and manner in which you would like to. No parent wants to find out that he or she has to go through a supervised parenting time center in order to interact with their children.

Can I Ever Get Supervised Time Changed?

In the event the opposing party is requested supervised parenting time or if supervised parenting time has already been ordered, you need to consult with your Arizona family lawyer to learn more. It is important to follow all the rules associated with supervised parenting time as failing to follow these could present serious problems for your future, particularly if you intend to modify parenting time or legal decision-making arrangements in the future.

Having a knowledgeable Arizona family attorney consult with you over the duration of your divorce about any matters relating to children can be extremely helpful. You likely have many questions about supervised visitation and speaking with an attorney sooner rather than later can help you get answers to these critical questions.

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