If you have recently come through the surgical process involving any treatment center or hospital in Arizona, and you believe that you may have sustained injuries as part of that process, you should have your case evaluated by a knowledgeable Arizona medical malpractice attorney. One of the most common distinctions in this scenario is discovering the difference between a mistake or a complication in surgery.

Mistakes Can Lead to Big Problems for You

A doctor is responsible for dealing with serious consequences in the event that he or she has been determined to have caused a mistake that led to injuries or severe pain for you. Complications, however, are different than mistakes. A complication could be described as an adverse event generated by pre-existing conditions that were outside of the control of the doctor. Patients are not in the same healing power, habits or health and can therefore have varying susceptibility to suffering with complications post-surgery. A mistake, on the other hand, assumes that there was a lapse of control or quality by the surgeon that is out of line with the typical standards and expectations in the medical community. If a mistake has happened, you need the insight of an attorney sooner rather than later.

Why Does This Distinction Matter?

If a doctor makes a mistake during the surgery, then he or she could be held responsible in a medical malpractice lawsuit. If a particular nerve during a surgery is damaged, for example, because the surgeon was not able to find it and then later injures it, this can be seen as a surgical mistake. If the doctor does identify the proper nerve though and preserves it, even though the nerve ultimately loses blood supply and causes a palsy, this is actually a complication.

This is why you need to consult with an Arizona medical malpractice attorney that has experience handling complicated cases like this. With so much on the line, it is a serious matter to accuse someone else of medical malpractice. That being said, if you have been injured as a result of a doctor’s negligence, you need to consult with an attorney who can help tell you more about what to expect. Make sure you consult with your Arizona medical malpractice attorney to determine whether or not the case in question was a mistake or a complication.


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