What do defective car parts and accidents have in common? What kinds of car parts are most likely to be defective and cause an accident? There are many different causes of accidents across Arizona, but it can be devastating to learn that a part of your vehicle contributed to the serious injuries you have sustained. A modern car is a very complicated machine with thousands of individual parts that all have the potential to fail. If you really take the time to think about it – a cracked windshield is the least of a car’s worries, and a windshield replacement is the least complicated auto repair process, in comparison. That being said, there are several common kinds of defects that can lead to a visit to a place like the mobile auto detailing in Louisville KY. Read on to make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Steering Mechanism Failure

The driver maintains control of the vehicle’s direction with the steering mechanism. If this has a defect, serious accidents can happen. The elements of a steering mechanism with the highest potential to fail are the rods, the hydraulic lines, the steering pump, or the steering gear. If you lose control of the vehicle, you’re facing a very high likelihood of being hurt in an accident.

Brake Failure

You are probably already aware that brakes are an essential component of your vehicle that allow it to stop and slow down. If your brakes fail, you can be involved in a critical accident and you might even injure others. If the manufacturer is at fault for defective brakes, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney.

Windshield Wipers

Although you might not think of the windshield wipers as one of the most important components of your vehicle, your opinion could change if the wipers fail to work properly during a snowstorm or heavy rainstorm. Your visibility can be compromised significantly if your windshield wipers fail, so you should replace them when they wear out.


Your tires are essential because it should be your vehicle’s only ground point of contact. If your tire fails, you can lose control of the vehicle very quickly. As you likely know from watching the news, defective tires are an unfortunate and common reality today.


When your airbags are properly manufactured and designed, this can help prevent serious injuries if you’re involved in a collision. If your airbag deploys while you are driving with no reasonable cause, however, it can create a major motor vehicle accident.

Having a defective component in your vehicle can be significantly troubling and you need the experience and knowledge of an Arizona personal injury attorney to explore all possible elements of a future legal claim. Fighting for compensation in court may allow you to put your life back together and move on from this horrific incident.

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