Can a grandparent impact child relocation in Arizona? If a grandparent has been a significant part of a child’s life, then a judge in a custody case might recognize this by awarding rights to the grandparents.  This is generally limited to a right to visitation, rather than legal decision-making authority. These kinds of family law cases can be challenging if there are multiple parties involved in raising the child, which is why an Arizona family lawyer can be extremely helpful for addressing concerns clearly and promptly.

A grandparent who has received court-ordered visitation time might be shocked to learn that one or both parents are planning to relocate the children. There are many reasons that parents might consider moving the children. A new job opportunity, a new marriage, or a better school district for the children are just some of the most common reasons to move the children. That being said, relocation obviously presents a potential disruption in the existing visitation schedule. A grandparent who is concerned about how this will influence his or her time should contact an Arizona family lawyer immediately.

What Does the Court Consider?

As with all decisions related to children, the court is charged with evaluating facts and determining what is in the best interests of the child. While the parent might argue that relocation is in the child’s best interests, as a grandparent who has formed a special bond with the child, you might feel as though your rights are being violated.  At the very least, it may be necessary to revise the visitation schedule to accommodate the relocation.

Complex Cases Call for Help

No case like this is ever simple. You need an Arizona family lawyer to help walk you through how this is likely to unfold so that you can be appropriately prepared. It’s never easy to work through complex problems like this, but as a grandparent you may have rights to fight for in court. An experienced Arizona family lawyer can assist you, telling you what you’ll need to do about any hearings or motions.

When Relocation is an Issue

If the relocation represents a move very far away, you have legitimate concerns about how your visitation time will be impacted. If the court has already recognized your time with court orders, then hearing your concerns about this is warranted. The court will evaluate whether or not the relocation is in the best interests of the child and also help craft parameters about visitation if the relocation is approved.

Talk to an Arizona family lawyer right away to help ensure that your rights are protected.

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