Can I get help if I am scheduled to be deported? Finding out that you are scheduled to be deported from the United States is an unnerving experience at best. Understanding your rights and reaching out to a knowledgeable Arizona immigration attorney can go a long way towards addressing your anxiety and fears associated with this process.

What Is Removal?

Removal refers to an official legal proceeding. There are several different stages in a deportation or removal process including a notice to appear, a hearing, a review by an immigration judge, and a deportation scheduled after the decision has been made by the immigration judge.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?  

If you or someone you love is facing removal or deportation immediately, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable Arizona immigration attorney as soon as possible. The primary reason is although there are numerous stages in a deportation process, it can feel as though the deportation date is coming up much more quickly than you anticipated.

Deportation Issues Are Serious

With so much on the line, it is essential that you comply with all requirements associated with a potential deportation. You should never miss any times you are scheduled to appear at USCIS or before an immigration judge. Your Arizona immigration attorney can keep you in the loop about essential dates and requirements. You never want to be caught off guard with any element of the procedure associated with removal, so stay in touch with your attorney.

Deportation Requires a Quick Response

If the immigration judge decides to continue with your deportation, you will have only 30 days to appeal this decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals. You can be deported relatively quickly if you fail to meet this deadline and it is essential that you be knowledgeable about all filing requirements and timelines associated with any petitions or appeals.

Having an Arizona immigration attorney walk you through each step of this process can minimize the chances that you will make a mistake or be subject to immediate deportation as a result of not complying. Reach out to an Arizona immigration attorney as soon as you have been informed that you or a loved one could be deported. Getting legal help sooner rather than later can be extremely important for your case.

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