Reasons for Green Card Denials

There are many different reasons that a green card application for legal permanent resident in the United States might be denied beyond the primary reason for denial which is a failure to meet application requirements or general ineligibility. Read on to learn more about some of these various requirements.

Before initiating a green card application, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to set up a meeting with an Arizona immigration attorney. This gives you the chance to get all your questions answered and to ensure that you avoid common mistakes associated with green card applications.

  • Criminal Related

If you have been convicted of a certain type of crime, your green card could be denied. These include a broad range of crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, violations of religious freedoms, and prostitution.

  • Health Related

A medical exam report has to be submitted in order for you to be approved as a lawful permanent resident. This must be performed by a doctor approved by the government. If you have a disease that his dangerous to the public, you could be denied a green card.

  • Public Charge

If you are likely to be become dependent on programs managed by the U.S. government for financial support, your green card application will likely be denied.

  • Violations of Immigration Status

If you have entered the United States illegally, failed to attend your required immigration removal proceedings, gained entry by misrepresenting facts or have snuck in as a stowaway, you could be subject to a green card denial.

  • Failing to Meet Basic Application Requirements

You need to submit all the proper documents, fees and forms in order to apply for permanent resident status. Not reading the instructions carefully could lead to a green card denial.

  • Failing to Attend Mandated Appointments

After you have filed the paperwork for your green card, you need to attend a finger printing appointment and, eventually, an interview appointment. If you miss an appointment, your green card could be denied. Make note of all your appointments so you don’t miss anything important and compromise your status.

It is essential to consult with a knowledgeable Arizona immigration attorney if you believe that your green card application was denied wrongfully. Having an attorney’s advice during this complicated time can be extremely beneficial for your future. Do not hesitate to get legal advice about the next steps if this applies to you.


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