Here are some tips for preparing for your marriage green card based interview. It can be very nerve-wracking to prepare to go through the interview process even if your marriage is legitimate and genuine. The primary topics of discussion will be a form filled out by your U.S. spouse known as the affidavit of support. The form demonstrates the spouse’s financial situation. That being said, there are many other issues that can be brought up during this interview. Having a walk-through with your Arizona immigration attorney first could minimize some of your concerns and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Evaluate All Your Paperwork Well in Advance

Ahead of time, it is a good idea to review all of your paperwork. Look at all of the questions and answers that were submitted to USCIS including any filled out by your U.S. citizen spouse or fiancé. The material will be heavily scrutinized at the interview. For example, the officer could ask you about the dates of your visits to various places, your spouse’s financial situation, and your immigration history.

Don’t Count on Your Memory Alone

Remember that your memory may play tricks on you. Even if you and your spouse or fiancé believe that you know everything about one another, you might remember different versions of events. Knowing how many people were at your wedding, for example, could be important. This is why it is a good idea to walk things through with your spouse and your Arizona immigration attorney before attending the interview. Simply remembering facts differently than your spouse does is not necessarily grounds for having the green card denied, but it can seem suspicious and generate further investigations.

Stay Calm

The most important thing you can do to prepare for the interview is to stay cool, calm and collected. Even though this is an unnatural process that may make you feel quite nervous, your situation is improved by staying calm and being prepared. Do not allow the stress associated with this situation to get the better of you. Working with an Arizona immigration attorney well in advance can significantly benefit you so that you have a clear understanding of how the procedure works, what questions you can expect, and how to avoid some of the common stumbling blocks.

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