Can I modify a child support order from another state? If you are party to a child support order that impacts your children in the state of Arizona, you probably have questions about whether or not you are able to modify an order that was initiated in another state. One of your first tasks in this case should be to reach out to an experienced attorney. This ensures that you have all the facts about your situation rather than relying on any misconceptions. An attorney can help you navigate your communication to determine what’s next.

When Can a Child Support Order Be Reviewed?

There are many different factors that determine where review of existing child support circumstances should actually be conducted. If your case is currently managed by the Department of Economic Security Division of Child Support Services or a different state’s child support agency, one of the first steps that you can take is to request a review from that agency for modification of the child support order which is a periodic right available to people whose case is managed in this fashion.  Before doing so, it would still be wise to at least consult with a private attorney.

An attorney would be the best person to advise you on whether your child support matter originating in another state can be modified here in Arizona.  While you may be eligible to move forward with a review of the circumstances, it may require going through the other state first or, it may be necessary to register or domesticate the Orders here in Arizona.

What if I Still Have Questions About Modifying Orders?

Certainly you have many questions about modifying child support orders and it will clearly have a significant impact on you and your children going forward. This is why it is beneficial to have an Arizona family lawyer working with you from start to finish. As soon as you have questions about your child support order or other issues associated with your divorce, it is recommended that you consult with an Arizona family lawyer.

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