The questions to ask when hiring a business litigation attorney are outlined within this article. When you realize that your Arizona business could benefit from the insight of a litigation attorney, there are several questions you should consider in order to determine the person most appropriate for the job. You should begin your search by avoiding the mistake of hiring a litigator because you have heard of them or because one or more of their partners is very famous. Remember that your firm does not actually try the case, your individual lawyer does. This is why you want to build a relationship with a knowledgeable Arizona business litigation attorney that you can trust. Doing your own due diligence and researching the lawyer you intend to work with is vital.

What Experience Do You Have with My Industry/Issues?

Make sure you ask your Arizona business litigation attorney what he or she thinks about the chances of your case actually going into litigation. It is also beneficial to ask about their individual track record such as the number of cases they’ve had in the past year in your particular area of the law, and how many of these went on to litigation.

How Do You Prefer to Communicate with Your Clients?

You need to be aware of how many other individuals may be working on your case in one capacity or another. Having clear communication guidelines up front helps you narrow down the search for the right business litigation attorney in Arizona while also setting the tone for your relationship with this person. Other individuals you may interact with over the course of your case include paralegals, assistants, secretaries, associates, or other attorneys. Knowing their names and roles will make it easier if you’ll be communicating with multiple members of the team, but you should also have the confidence that your attorney will be your primary point of contact.

What Is Your Initial Impression of My Case?

You need to be familiar with the attorney’s general approach. While many commercial disputes in Arizona can be resolved in negotiation, you want to be sure that the attorney you hire is confident and able to handle your case should it escalate to the point of a trial. Having confidence about this early in the relationship can minimize a lot of problems between you and your potential litigator, so make sure to ask these critical questions and make an informed decision.

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