Should you hire a civil & commercial litigation attorney in family, probate, employment law cases?  We have become accustomed to thinking of attorneys as narrow specialists, and clients often seek out an attorney in a specific area when a commercial or civil litigation attorney might be better prepared to help the client.  In family law cases, there are often significant “commercial” issues, such as division of businesses, partitioning of real property or fraud and waste issues.  In probate cases, there may be a fraud or breach of fiduciary duty issue.  Many employment cases are really breach of contract cases.  In all three areas, skillful discovery, tracing of economic transactions and employment of experts involve civil litigation skills and experience.  In family law cases, injunctions, pre-judgment remedies and receiverships may become important.  The breadth of civil litigation often crosses over to family law, probate and employment law.  If your case has significant commercial, business or contract issues, consider hiring a civil litigation attorney who is also knowledgeable about family and probate court procedure. At Udall Shumway PLC, commercial and civil litigation attorneys can work with our attorneys in family law and probate to be sure that all of your important litigation needs are met.  Contact Joel Sannes if you would like to discuss the commercial and civil litigation aspects of your family law, probate or employment law matter.


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