Here are some of the most common issues regarding Disputes in Arizona Schools. One of the most challenging aspects of being a school administrator in the State of Arizona involves dealing with legal disputes involving staff, teachers, parents, alumni and the school’s administration. While it might seem like a relatively straight-forward matter, the reality is that the finer details of the law can usually lead to disputes that are not always amicably resolved. In these cases, getting the legal advice of an expert in Arizona law can make the difference as to how severely the school will be affected by an ongoing dispute.

Open Meeting Law Concerns

One of the most common issues affecting schools and their staff are issues pertaining to adherence to Arizona’s Open Meeting Law, which provides that all documents pertaining to meetings held by public bodies need to be made available to the general public with a few exceptions.

Familiarizing yourselves with the Open Meeting Law can be one of the easiest ways to prevent disputes. In fact, the Arizona Ombudsman’s website has published a manual specifying how meetings should be conducted in order to avoid violations of the law.

Staff/Teacher Contracts

Another area that needs to be closely supervised by administrators in order to avoid disputes involves employment contracts for staff and teachers. Remember that the term “contracts” does not refer exclusively to negotiating new contracts but also to the possible termination of a contract, the extension of a contract or the renegotiation of an existing contract.

The breach of an employment contract, for example, is one of the most common reasons behind contract termination and special attention should be paid to these instances to make sure that the law is being followed. And while contracts are generally a touchy subject, they are one of the realities of being a school administrator.

Unfortunately, following the law and preparing staff to deal with these possible gray areas is not always enough to avoid a dispute. When disputes become unavoidable, it is extremely important to be prepared . Remember that working with knowledgeable legal counsel can make the difference on successfully handling any dispute.

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