There are benefits of reviewing discipline policies at year end. The end of the school year can be a challenging time for school district administrators in the state of Arizona, in part because this is a customary time to review existing student discipline policies and to implement new policies that will have to be scrutinized in order to comply with local, state and federal guidelines.

Consider Involving a Lawyer

Administrators spend quite a bit of time addressing changes to their student behavior and discipline policies;  sometimes getting the legal counsel of an expert who can point us in the right direction is a wise choice.  Your school attorney can assist you in avoiding conflicts of interest or other situations where the school district might find itself in a questionable position.

Remember that this could be a perfect time to evaluate the effectiveness of your policies. Listen to positive and negative feedback from teachers and staff, and engage in a discussion in a group setting the changes that need to be made to the policies.

Reconsider Liability

Another thing to consider when reviewing discipline policies is liability, especially when it comes to addressing the levels of punishment and determent that the school district wishes to implement on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many school districts in the state of Arizona have found themselves in a vulnerable position due to lack of legal counsel or advice, which ends up hurting not only the reputation of the school itself, but also the reputation of the administrator and the staff under his or her command.

While there are several things that district and site-level administrators can do to deter poor decisions and bad behavior by students on school property, it is very important to have all of these actions written down and stated clearly in the school district’s code of conduct in order to protect the district, the school and the staff.

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