Here are some suggestions on what to do after being involved in an Arizona car accident. After you have been injured in an Arizona car accident, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney and to also prepare for what you will need to do to interact with your insurance company.

In many cases, the first person you will contact in an event like this is your claims adjuster. This is an individual working for your insurance carrier or partnering as an independent adjuster with the insurance company. The adjuster is instructed to ask you several different questions, including:

  •    Where is your car located?
  •    Is your car damaged?
  •    What occurred in the accident?
  •    Was anyone hurt?

They may ask you for a recorded statement in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Bear in mind that you are not required to agree to this. Your policy requires that you do cooperate with your insurance company in general, but the majority of car insurance policies in Arizona do not mandate that you have to give a recorded statement. Answering their initial questions is important, but you do not need to give them a recorded statement at this time.

It is better to wait until you consult with your Arizona personal injury attorney to determine whether or not it makes sense to give a statement. It is important that you let the insurance company know whether or not anyone was hurt. You may have medical payments coverage that will pay for bills incurred for injuries that you have sustained in the accident. Make sure you also share whether or not anyone else involved in the accident was also injured.

Car Repairs

The insurance company will likely recommend a preferred shop for you to take your vehicle to. You are not required to go to one of these shops, however. While there are plenty of good auto repair places that are preferred vendors for insurance carriers, there are also some bad ones. Unless you can get a personal recommendation from a reliable contact, a family member or a friend, you should never rely on a car insurance shop recommended by the insurance company. One of the most important things you can do in the immediate aftermath of an accident is to consult with a knowledgeable attorney. This is so that you are aware of your rights and you can avoid some of the common missteps associated with an accident claim.


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