There are important reasons why Regular Teacher and staff training on discipline methods in school is necessary. Whenever a school district makes any significant changes to its governing board policies or regulations, it is important that school staff be advised on the new  or changed policies, and that everyone involved receives training on how the district expects the new or changed policies to be implemented.

Training Is Key

District administrators in Arizona should pay special attention to the training needed by their staff in order to comply with the various laws that govern schools.  . For example, all District staff should be familiar with Arizona’s open meeting law, which clearly states that all meetings of a public body – such as the governing board of a school district – shall be public meetings open to the public to attend.

Student discipline in Arizona is primarily governed by district policy.  Annual training should be provided to all school-level staff who interact with students on the relevant discipline policies for your district.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Help

The legal counsel of someone who understands how these laws and regulations work can prove to be a valuable asset to district administrators in Arizona.

Teacher investigations (by the State) often cite a lack of training or understanding of the law by the subject teacher as to violations pertaining to disciplinary regulations. And while it is ultimately unknown how many of these violations could have been prevented by better training teachers and staff, , the fact remains that district administrators can greatly benefit from keeping their staff up to date on the laws and policies that they regularly use in their positions working with students.

Certification Database Impacts

The Arizona Department of Education requires school districts to report on a variety of student discipline points, as does the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.  Training for district and school staff who collect, manage and report on discipline data is essential for a district to maintain compliance with these laws and regulations.

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