What is the evidence to collect after a household product injury? Being injured by a household product in Arizona can be a shocking experience. Many individuals never expect that they are going to sustain serious injuries using a product as it is properly advertised. In order to succeed with a personal injury claim in Arizona, it’s strongly recommended that you gather, identify and document all relevant details associated with your case.

Why Do I Need Evidence?

Preserving evidence of negligence is essential to begin a personal injury claim in Arizona. The quantity as well as the quality of your evidence can make a big difference for your personal injury settlement. Preserving evidence does require work and it is imperative to conduct this as soon as possible.

Evidence to Keep

If you have been injured by a defective household product, take pictures of the injuries you have sustained as well as photos of the product itself. Make sure you take pictures of the packaging as well.

Where possible, retain the original packaging and product if you can. Keep all of these materials together in a box which you may later present to your Arizona personal injury attorney. Evidence like this can prove important in court, particularly if you are alleging that the product did not function as advertised or that it did not contain an enhanced enough warning or risk label.

Will Video Evidence Help?

If the product caused any damage to your property, you should also take a video or pictures of this as well. All of these materials can become extremely important in the event that you need to file a personal injury claim against the household product manufacturer. Multiple parties may be held responsible in complex cases, including the designer of the label, the manufacturer or the person who developed the product itself. It is imperative to work with an experienced Arizona defective product attorney in this situation as these cases can be very complex and have multiple parties involved.

Why You Need an Attorney

Product liability cases require an advanced knowledge of the laws surrounding product design, manufacture and labels. You need an Arizona product liability attorney who can help you paint a compelling picture in court to show how the product injured you and how this will influence your life over the long run. Reach out to a legal team with experience involving product liability cases.

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