What is advance parole? The majority of aliens need advance parole to come back to the United States after travelling abroad. This is usually true if you have pending applications for an immigration benefit or if you have petitioned for a change in non-immigrant status.

Complicated immigration issues should be handled by an experienced Arizona attorney. It’s far too easy to make the mistake of thinking that your paperwork is in order, prompting you to leave the United States. While you might have no problems leaving the U.S., it’s when you return that you could encounter serious immigration concerns. That’s why you should never exit the country until you have spoken with your attorney first. Simply taking this small step could help you avoid catastrophic consequences.

Basics of Advance Parole

Any individual who is classified as an adjustment of status applicant who exits the United States without advance parole has technically abandoned current paperwork for adjustment of status. If you abandon your application, the government has discretion to no longer consider it. Hiring an Arizona immigration attorney in this situation is strongly recommended.

Understand the Implications of Leaving the U.S.

An individual in this situation will usually not be allowed back in the United States and you would be required to go through consular processing even while you are outside of the United States. This includes any place outside of the U.S., even if you are going on vacation to Mexico, the Bahamas, or Canada.

Apply in Advance

Make sure you apply for advance parole well before leaving the United States. Then wait for a decision regarding approval.Before embarking on any trip, consult with your Arizona immigration attorney to make sure that you are not violating any rules or established guidelines about your status.

Avoid Travel Until You’ve Received Clearance

It is a good idea to avoid planning any travelling outside of the U.S. while your application is still pending. Although this might be somewhat of a hassle, it is far less of a hassle than leaving the country and attempting to come back in only to be denied. A majority of your questions associated with immigration could be answered by consulting with a knowledgeable Arizona immigration attorney as soon as possible. Planning well in advance can help to avoid problems.

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